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i'm cara, the world's only consulting ignoramus. I live in the TARDIS but I visit Stark Towers and the Shire from time to time.

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a shipper and a non-shipper watching a show together.


This is so accurate it hurts


Outfitting a hero: Captain America’s USO costume.

Initially when Captain America becomes Captain America he’s not released to go off and fight right away, he’s used kind of as a propaganda tool. He’s in this very silly Captain America costume, you know… tights. Chris Evans.


Happy Birthday Gwyneth Paltrow!
➥ September 27, 1972 

"I really think that beauty comes from the woman and when the woman knows herself and is comfortable wtih herself she just exudes a real allure and real beauty."

I just never thought I'd have this.
The journey is coming to an end…

Oliver Queen being a protective boyfriend

Robbing a bank - beat that for a date